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Be a Part of Our Magic...
Be a Part of KINDLING.

Imagine the excitement of being part of this fantastic new horror movie!

We invite YOU to become a patron of KINDLING through crowdfunding! The producers of KINDLING have started a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO, and producer/artist/social influencer/celeb Sydney Morgan is helping out by offering very special lessons, items and more for your contribution. Or for a higher contribution, you can even be in the film! Plus a portion of our fundraising proceeds will go to charity.

Click to visit our INDIEGOGO page now to make a contribution and for more information!


Sydney Morgan is making the world a better place. At just 19-years old, she has already well-established herself as an Actress, Model, Make-Up Artist, and Digital Creator. Her vast digital footprint consists of over 8 million TikTok followers, 2.6 million Youtube subscribers, and too many viral videos to count showcasing her outrageous make-up creations. Most importantly though, Sydney is utilizing her platform for good: shining a spotlight on Crohn’s & Colitis and the long-lasting impacts of chronic illnesses.



We're in love with the idea of crowdfunding our film! We get to own and maintain creative control during the filmmaking process, and we can also use this platform to help support incredible organizations that are doing really great work and making the world a better place (more on that below). We can do all of this and SO much more together if you’re willing to help us get this movie off the ground!

Click to Visit our INDIEGOGO Page now to make a contribution and for more information!

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